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Jet Charter Santa Monica & The Duchess Yacht - A Winning Combination.

Land, air or sea, we've got you covered. Sure, The Duchess Yacht Charters will take care of the water part, but we also help provide the best information possible to meet your other transportation needs.

For air charter in and out of Santa Monica (just minutes drive to The Duchess) we recommend Jet Charter Santa Monica, powered by Jetway Private Air. Efficient, quick, safe and secure, the company maintains an impressive fleet of approved aircraft in sizes ranging from super light to super-mid and heavy. Cost-effective quotes are provided in advance.

From your red carpet arrival, it's just minutes to The Duchess where the celebration continues! There's no need for a hiccup in your travel itinerary- combine the Duchess Yacht with Jet Charter Santa Monica and make your trip a huge success.

To book The Duchess, click here.


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