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Kathy Strong Has 50 Reasons To Visit Marina Del Rey This Year - We Have The 51st!

Whether it be dining, bay cruising, or just playing, once you've discovered the majesty of world-class Marina Del Rey, there will be (no pun intended) no turning back. While the rest of the country struggles with record-breaking temperatures, in the Marina things are already (no pun intended again) heating up. With an almost limitless supply of activities possible, people are flocking to the Marina this time of year.

Local journalist Kathy Strong has just published a wonderful article called "50 Reasons To Visit Marina Del Rey" to coincide with the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration. We would like to present you with the 51st reason - a ride aboard our fully equiped 63 foot motor yacht! Captained by a professional crew with over 40 years experience, just about any cruise or trip you can imagine is possible. Booking info is below, the season is switching into gear so don't delay, reserve your trip and we look forward to seeing you!


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