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Charter Types and their differences really do matter!

“Captained Time Voyage Charter” “Professionally Provided Service”

A fully Captained, time voyage charter is similar to hiring a Car Service, Taxi Cab, Uber,

Limousine, etc.

Whichever one you hire, you are paying for their time based on various factors such as the

number of passengers they will be transporting, the length of time they will be dedicated to

you, the distance you are traveling, and additional services they may be provided, just to name a


Captained, time voyage charters are provided by Professional full-service companies licensed to

do what they do, by Federal, State, and Local Government agencies. These companies are

providing and responsible for 100% of everything related to the service they provide including,

and not limited to:

  • A Coast Guard Licensed Captain qualified for the size of vessel they will be Captaining.

  • Vessels that are either “Inspected” or “Examined” regularly by the US Coast Guard.

  • Trained Crew members are required to be on a federally sanctioned Random Drug Testing Program.

  • Proper Commercial Insurance is specific to the number of passengers they are legally allowed to carry.

  • All fuel, properly operating and compliant vessels, necessary provisions for the voyage, and safe navigation.

  • Added benefits of a Captained Time Voyage Charter

  • A Captain and Crew familiar with the vessel

  • A professionally maintained vessel in proper working order

  • A Captain and crew with experience specific to the exact event you are interested in

“Bareboat Charter”-No Professional Service Provided

A bareboat charter is like renting a car from Hertz, Avis, etc. where you drive yourself!

  1. A bareboat charter is a vessel that is leased by the owner to another person (“charterer”) for some time without a captain or crew. The “charterer” must directly pay the Captain and the crew.

  2. Once the charterer takes possession of the vessel, the charterer becomes entirely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel and its passengers.

  3. The charterer is responsible for the vessel’s crew, fuel, insurance, any maintenance and repairs, and any liability associated with the use and possession of the vessel.

  4. The owner of the vessel is generally not responsible for any collision, personal injuries, or property damage.

  5. The charterer must have the option of selecting and paying the crew and may discharge the master or any crew member without referral to the owner.

  6. A bareboat charter is a vessel that is considered a recreational vessel and may not be subject to Passenger Vessel inspections by the United States Coast Guard;

  7. The owner may require general levels of proficiency for the crew that is retained based on federal statutes.

  8. Charterers and passengers are solely responsible for making sure they understand and agree to the terms of any bareboat charter agreement.


When choosing the proper type of charter for your special event, please be careful to take into

consideration the responsibilities and liabilities that accompany both a “Captained, Time

Voyage Charter” and a “Bareboat Charter”, as well as your expectations before making that

important decision. Most important: Make it a Safe Decision!


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